Kelly Harding N.D.

is a third generation Naturopath.
Her grandfather, Ray Harding, her father, Errol Harding, and mother Heather are well known in the complementary health field.

She began her training the traditional way; helping her parents out in their clinic before venturing out into the world. Early work experiences include working in a health food store.

In the late 1980's, Kelly began her formal training. "Touch for Health" was her first qualification. It was not long after, that she enrolled with the College of Natural Therapies (SA) to complete her training as a naturopath. Further studies included acupuncture, TCM and Bowen technique.

There are many techniques and treatments that Kelly employs to find the cause of the disorder or dysfunction in the body. She works with the client to achieve optimum health and vitality. One of Kelly's favourite diagnostic tools is the use of an iridology camera, where the client's eye photo is downloaded onto the computer. The client is then able to see for themselves what the eye can reveal.