As you can see from the list on the side, we use many modalities in this clinic. We have found that no single modality has all the answers to the varied conditions we see presented.

Kelly & Garry are well qualified in the modalities they use and their separate qualifications complement each other.

During a typical consultation, more than one modality may be used. There may be even be an overlap between various modalities.

What to expect on your first visit with Kelly

During your first visit, which will take 1½ hrs, Kelly will take a very detailed medical and lifestyle history.

Photos of your eyes will be taken. These will be displayed on a computer screen and the details will be discussed with you.

Following this a drop of blood will be taken and examined under a darkfield microscope. The image will also be displayed on a computer screen for further discussion.

From the above information, a treatment plan will be formulated. Kinesiology may be used to determine the suitability of any remedies or supplements deemed necessary.