Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release refers to release of the muscles ("myo") and connective tissue ("fascia") of the body.

It is a mild and gentle hands-on form of stretching and massage that evaluates and treats the fascial system of the body. The fascial system is the connective tissue that spreads head to toe in the body without interruption. It is made up of collagen which are tough, strong fibres and elastin which is a stretchy fibre. The fascia of the body surrounds and infuses tissues, organs, nerves, vessels, muscles and bones. It is what keeps the body stuck together in a sense. Myofascial release is used when the fascial system has adhesions so the fibres are not able to move easily in relation to each other. This can be caused by trauma, bad posture or inflammation in the body. Often problems in the fascial system can show up as unusual symptoms.

The focus of myofascial release is the extensive fascial system of the body. Physical trauma, inflammatory processes, postural imbalances and repetitive strain cause inappropriate stress on the fascial system. This may alter organ and tissue physiology causing pain, discomfort or variety of symptoms to occur in areas of the body you would not expect. Myofascial Release is a whole body treatment that recognizes that tightness and restrictions in one area of the body affects the entire movement patterns. It focuses on the restricted myofascial elements to treat the clients current problem and to restore three dimensional fascial integrity. The therapist using myofascial release works with the client, not on the client.

The optimal goal of myofascial release is optimal body alignment which allows for the most efficient use of energy for the body to move & express itself.