Energy Medicine is the emerging model for the health care of the 21st Century. Einstein forever changed the way we understand the world when he revealed the interaction between energy and matter. Now health care is applying these principles through new energy-based therapies.

Polarity Therapy - (Energy Bodywork) heals by activating the Qi Force Energy that is all around us, and balances the natural life force energy fields that sustain the human body. Polarity incorporates gentle rocking of the body and occasional rotation and stretching of legs to release constriction and tension. When hands are placed on postive and negative points of the body this sends an energy current between the 2 points, recharging the body as it flows. This therapy is very deeply relaxing.

Polarity Therapy offers a unique synthesis blending the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga philosophy with cutting edge insights from quantum physics and craniosacral therapy to understand the body as energy. With Polarity the body's energy field is restored to its natural state of balance.

Current research demonstrates that electromagnetic forces are the foundation of life, documenting what the ancients said about life energy, Qi, or prana. This life energy weaves the fabric of our beings, creating the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions in life. Disease, pain and stress are the results of underlying energy imbalances.